On a day of variable winds which turned Bournville into a washing machine, John Burgoine showed why he so enjoys his new Kantun 2. John returned a perfect score after some tight tussles with Peter Moore who got accustomed to second spot on this day. Robin Webb was the only person to challenge the stranglehold of John and Pete recording four third places and a fourth but was let down by his legs in two races and his rigging in another. The maestro still managed to show his class in these difficult conditions. Bill surprised many by turning up with a complete boat and then tempered his desire to dive in at marks to end the day with a series of solid performances. Steve was gradually coming to terms with his new toy and has increased the Britpop count at Bournville. Nick Probyn has shown a great ability to adapt to radio sailing and whilst not repeating the feats he achieved in the handicap races, definitely gave a warning to all of what he may achieve with more experience.

On this difficult day for sailing, congratulations to all for sticking to the task and for consistently good conduct when people actually did their turns and benefitted from a short rules reminder by John Burgoine in the interval.