Well the 4th and final event of the Midland District Champions Skipper for Six metre was today at Bournville we had 10 skippers to start with but there were a few who fell by the wayside as the day progressed and we ended the day with 5 skippers on the water, the wind was very much a bournville special with sometimes a yacht surfing downwind past one becalmed upwind.

The racing was tight and good natured, with Robin Webb getting off to a flying start in a borrowed boat, and always round about the front a great start in the class by Robin but the 2 Mikes and Chris Cook soon got there act in gear and then they managed to hog all the first places as I have alluded the wind was a bit variable and we all suffered from being in the wrong place at sometime during the day,  this was the final event of this years inagural series and overall we have had 20 different yachts out in the series well done everyone. We just need to sail more as it is noticeable that there are yachts not completing a days racing on quite a regular basis, we need to sail these more often and then they wont be breaking down as much all the weak points will be eliminated.

Congratulations to Shaun Holbeche who sailed well on his 3 races, and to Mark Dicks who only completed 2 of the required 3 races.

A geat days sailing and a good series, lets get more travelling next year please, the dates are on the midland district calender get them in your diary, and we will see you all next year

Mike Ewart