The Handicap race series is interesting, not only to take part in but to look at all the results was well.  The conditions were odd and hard to organise a decent course for RO John Bant, who with his assistant Roy Kingscott had us all over the place and they did their best. John had a play with the gaps between the fleets and with no avail. So let's see who did what to whom, the fleets were essentially the same as last time except that Nick Probyn had moved up from Green into Yellow. It was in  the Yellow fleet where most of the action took place, mainly behind Robin Webb who was sailing like his old self, he was bested a couple of times by John Ind and once by Bill Green and Chris Cook. Hello, hello where were the Pete Moores and the Mark Dicks I hear you ask, struggling in the mid field eventually to tie on scores, came the stern reply, that’s not normal but thats the way it was. The line honours went to Robin, John Ind, Chris Cook and Nick Probyn. Phil Everard kept Green fleets end up and then it was anybodies.

Whats the next question?  We reset the fleets at the beginning of the sailing year, so who’s up and who is down? I can answer that, both John Ind and Chris Cook are back in Red fleet for the rest of the season. Robin is still in Yellow, but teetering on the brink after todays performance,The rest are in Yellow,  the chaps in Green are as they were.  Don’t forgot the performance in the Victory Trophy also influences the fleets so if you want to get promoted you have to do well in all IOM sailing.

Given the conditions it was not a good mornings sailing in reasonably difficult circumstances, you certainly needed to get a good start, keep your wits about you and in my case avoid clouting the bouys. Avoidable mistakes are costly such is the competitiveness of Yellow fleet. Thats what makes this race format the cracking event it is.