Hi All

 I received this email and thought it may be of interest to other members


Hello Phil
I have been looking with fondness at your organisation's website and photos. 
This has taken me back to early 1960's when my dad used to bring me down from West Heath with my Uffa Fox sailing boat. It was purchased from the toy shop in Cotteridge Pershore Road close to the 45 bus stop when I was about 7...  
We even used to go  down in the winter but when pond was frozen my Dad had sense not to let me launch the boat out.
I'm not sure if radio controlled boats were around at that time but recall a youth with what appeared to be a powerful petrol/fuel speed boat model that sped over the pond when it was frozen in parts. The model crashed onto the ice and tuned over and was left upside down.. Hopefully he found a way to get it back OK.
No such luck when I brought my own boys down in  the early 80's one lovely summer evening. Problem was the air was too calm and we waited and waited for the small boat to come back but did not happen.  
I called back next morning at 6am but the boat had been taken.
I would love to have those days back again. I may have couple of photos from the 1980's to share of a Sunday morning visit. I'll dig them out.
Best regards   Steve Ashton