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There is little change to the All Comers Race format, with the exception that we will consider classes with 3 or more entrants to be eligible for a

secondary series within the All Comers series, please note this doesn’t apply to IoM! – this is intentional to encourage the classes with smaller

fleets to get on the water..

It is envisaged that:

There will be an overall result for all yachts sailing – based on the class start as current, however, yachts were there are more than 3 in any

class sailing will also be awarded a class position. This approach is being taken to ensure there is adequate competition for all classes, but, it is

down to the members to organise themselves!

For example, if I decide I would like to sail my “A” then its up to me to contact other A class owners and suggest we get sufficient

boats on the water to score as a class race result.

Start separation times will be at the RO discretion as this is entirely classes entered and wind strength orientated (some rough guides are listed


In general the start order would be: DF, 36, 6m, IoM, A Class, 1.5m, however dependant on condition this may require change for example: in

light wind conditions the 36 may need to have an increased time penalty

General time separations – for reference only :

DF 0 – The DF fleet may benefit from an alternative course due to the speed differential (1lap or a shorter windward leg as examples)

36 1min

6m 1min 20s

1m 1min 40s

A 2min

1.5m 2min 20s

The results will be posted as Overall and Class.

All Comers Procedure :-