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First Boat

The best way to start is to visit the  club on a race morning to see  how the races are run. Afterwards just ask one of the members to show you the various boats There should be a club boat available so you can try to get a feel of sailing  before buying a boat of your own.

The most common yacht  sailed by the club is the International one meter (IOM)  For your first boat it may be better to buy a second hand boat.

 A first starter boat is the Joysway Dragonforce.There are a number of these in the club and they can be raced under the RG65 class. You can buy this boat from your local model shop. It comes complete with Radio equipment and is reasonable priced.

Where can I find boats for sale?

Once you have decided upon the Boat you want to sail if you decide to buy second hand ,There are often boats for sail from club Members.

There is a boats for sail section on this website.

Or go to the MYA's  Boats for sale section.

If you decide to buy new look at the contacts page.

Always seek advice from club members before buying