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Handicap Racing

Handicap Calculation methods

All members will be assigned a base handicap based on previous experience
and results - this will be completed by the sailing team - anyone feeling
that there rating is inappropriate can query this with the team.

All new members that have no previous racing experience will be assigned
"Green" status.

The initial assessment will be replaced by a calculated status based on the
first 3 results of the member at this time the initial assessment will be
struck through.

The calculated status is based on finishing position and number of entrants,
although the initial use of calculated fleet allocation kicks in after 3
races, the ongoing status will be based on a 5 race rolling average.

where the entrant has achieved consistently high results
an average position of greater than 65%, or where the entrant has scored
higher than 4th place two or more times

The member will be allocated to red fleet
once a member has achieved red status there is no going back!

Where the average finish position is between 30 & 65% this will result in
Yellow fleet

Where the average finish position and less than 30% this will indicate
Green fleet.

The fleet status will be posted on the Sailing section web site within a few
days of a handicap race, a hard copy will also be posted in the clubhouse.

Like all things new we are not saying this is perfect therefore the
procedure and / or the time between fleet starts may require revision
following the first few races.
If after a few races you have any suggestions for improvement please let the
race team know.

Handicap Start Procedure