Bournville Yacht Racing

   Radio Control and Free Sailing yacht Racing

                           A part of the Bournville Radio Sailing and Model Boat Club

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Other Classes

Within the club we have a number of Classes

 that tend to be only sailed at Bournville,

these are the 1.5m and America's Cup

class RC yachts, these classes were

pioneered in the UK by one of our

most respected members Mr J.A. Lewis.

Although these classes don't have a race

series of there own we do see them in the

All comers events held throughout the year.

The club has a very small but high quality free sailing element sailing all classes (36r, Marblehead, 6m & A Class), due to the small number of members sailing these yachts we no longer allocate specific race days for some of these classes, that said there is a move toward Saturday racing for these yachts.