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Getting started

R/C Boats have been  popular  for many years and they take several forms: scale replicas, racing hydroplanes, deep vees, airboats. These may be powered by many types of engine (only electric is allowed at bournville) and their construction may be from wood, fibreglass, or moulded plastic.

Wooden hull boats are usually the most difficult to assemble as the hull is  made up of many pieces of wood fitted or planked onto a framework.

 Wooden boats are usually the least expensive boat kits but require the most work .

Fibreglass models will come with their hulls preformed with very little construction necessary. Most of the work consists of  installing radio equipment.

Fibreglass kits tend to be the most expensive .

Boats preformed from ABS plastic are becoming very popular giving you a boat that is Almost Ready to Float  costing much less than a fibreglass equivalent . Many of these kits come with motor and control hardware installed with only the radio to install and the decals to be applied!

The best way to start is to come down to the club look at boats and talk to the members

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