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HMS Scoring system

MYA Heat Mangement System (HMS)

Over a fairly lengthy period of time the MYA has developed and evolved HMS where it is the accepted scoring system throughout the world. It has been used at all the major championships and it is a well proven and developed piece of race scoring software. Whilst it s capable of handling an entry of up to 84 boats its just as easy to use for our normal Sunday morning club racing. We have been using it for some time now and you will have become very familiar with the Summary that we publish after the race. It is available for any Bournville member to download   and it runs in Microsoft’s spreadsheet programme Excel. It is very simple and easy to use and it comes with a very comprehensive set of user instructions. If you need help when you first use it please talk to any of the Bournville Race Team who will be happy to show you round its use and capability. We use HMS in all Bournville Club, District and National events. A special version has been evolved to handle Match Racing and mixed Match and Fleet racing events.