Binding the receiver.

When you get the receiver it has to be bound to the transmitter.

Each transmitter has an individually assigned, unique ID code. In order to start operation, the receiver must be linked with the ID code of the transmitter with which it is being bound. Once the link is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and no further binding is necessary unless the receiver is to be used with another transmitter.

If your transmitter is not bound to the receiver than you will not be able to control anything.

Spektrum 2 Ghz sets

Some of these sets can bind to more than one receiver Make sure you have your transmitter set to the model you want to bind to.

1. Switch off the transmitter

 2.  Set the transmitter controls for the failsafe condition (receiver will go to this when

 3. the received signal is lost.

 4.  Remove the power connector from the receiver if fitted   

 5. Plug the bind plug into the BAT slot.  
 6. Plug in the power connector any of the other unused (eg Rudd. Elev)
 7. The red light on the receiver should start flashing
 5. Turn on your transmitter holding down the bind switch

     This switch varies with model the Dx6i is the Training switch the new Dx6 ,Dx7 has

     a dedicated switch. It should be easy to see the switch used by looking at the

     switch description in the manual.

    The bind switch must already be pressed before transmitter power-up.
 7. Wait a few second and if you see the red light on the receiver stop flashing then you

     have successfully bound it!

8. Try  Rudder and winch to check response.

10 If the receiver dose not bind try again.

Futaba 2 Ghz sets

1. Bring the transmitter and the receiver close to each other, within half meter.

2. Turn on the transmitter.

3. Turn on the receiver.

4. Press and hold the Link switch more than two (2) seconds. When the link is complete, the LED in the

    receiver changes to solid green. When the ID cannot be read due to the surrounding environment, try

    reading it with the transmitter and receiver touched.


If there are many systems turned on in close proximity to your receiver the receiver may

not link to your transmitter. In this case the receiver might have established a link to another transmitter. (this is more so for Futaba sets) This is very dangerous so Step 8 is very important. In order to avoid the problem it is best done a distance away from other transmitters. Keep you transmitter

close to the receiver (Not to close as this sometimes causes problems Start with about half metre.

if the receiver still will not bind try up to 2 metres).